Sewing and Fabric Shops in Jeddah

Where to Buy Sewing Machines, Tailoring Materials and Fabrics in Jeddah

sewing machine, tailoring materials and fabric shops in jeddah rabeea made it

Years back when I was fairly new in Jeddah, I did not know any place to buy Sewing Materials. It took me years to search and find all the places I now know to buy Fabrics, Sewing Machines, their Parts and Sewing Supplies. In this post
 I am going to save you years of roaming and countless hours of googling to find Sewing related Shops in Jeddah. I have listed all the places I have been according to categories:

Places to Buy Sewing Machines

Places to Buy Fabrics

Places to Buy Sewing and Tailoring Materials

Once I was googling for Arts and Crafts Stuff and came across this post by Aysh at JeddahMom. You can check it out hereI have visited few of them. 

Recently I wrote a Guest Post for JeddahMom on Quilting Shops in Jeddah

1. Places to Buy Sewing Machines in Jeddah

where to buy sewing machines in jeddah rabeea made it
First, let me tell you about types of Sewing Machines. I only knew 2, simple sewing and overlocker. Truth is there are many, many types of Sewing Machines. Basic straight stitch sewing machines, zig-zag machines, serger/overlocker, coverstitch, embroidery and quilting machines. And these come in Home units and Industrial units, ranging from SAR. 200 to SAR. 20,000+

  • Dhahab Street in Balad

There is a whole street of Sewing Machine shops in Balad, Dhahab Street. You can find well-known brands like Brother, Juki, Janome and Singer there as well as others. Basically you are spoiled for choices. It all depends on your budget and requirements.. They sell good quality tailoring scissors, sewing machine feet and other parts. 

sewing machine shops in jeddah rabeeamadeit

sewing machine shops in jeddah rabeeamadeit

sewing machine shops in jeddah rabeeamadeit

sewing machine feet and accessories shops in jeddah rabeea made it

Be ready to get your mind blown by the choices you will find there ;)

Al Sabban Sewing Machines

Baokbah Stores


dhahab street Location

  • Other Places from where you can Buy Basic Sewing Machines

Some supermarkets like Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarkets sell basic sewing machines too. In my opinion you should check out the market on Dhahab street. They are authorized dealers of brands and offer repairs too.

2. Places to Buy Fabrics in Jeddah

where to buy fabrics in jeddah rabeea made it

So you have your precious Sewing Machine. Next what you need is Fabrics. Different kinds of fabrics are sold in different places around the Jeddah. Lets start with Balad.

  • Balad

On the same street where there are Sewing Machine shops, there are fabric Shops too. They mostly sell women's cotton-polyester mix prints, sold by 5 meters, not less. Few shops sell gents fabrics too.

Click here for Location

fabric shop jeddah rabeea made it

fabric shop jeddah rabeea made it

fabric shop jeddah rabeea made it

fabric shop jeddah rabeea made it

fabric shop jeddah rabeea made it

Recently I visited this fabric shop. They carry almost all kinds of fabrics like cotton, abaya clothes, fancy and bridal too.

Click here for Location

  • Bawadi

If you are looking for upholstery fabric, for curtains and sofas, there is a shop Al-Kabbani in Bawadi. I have bought good quality upholstery fabric from there during Sales in low prices. The quality is excellent.

Click here for Website

kabbani Location

  • IKEA

Yes, IKEA sells Fabrics by meter and few Sewing Supplies too. In Tahlia Branch of IKEA, the fabrics section is at the beginning of Textiles section, on the left side. They have plain and printed fabrics, good for household use like curtains, drapery, cushions and covers. I have made my Sewing Machine Covers from their fabric and have found them of good quality.

Click here for Website

IKEA Location

  • Kandarah Market

I have been to Kandarah Market once but I have heard they mostly sell bridal and fancy fabrics. If you have been there, please let me know how it is so I can bug my hubby to take me ;)

Click here for Location

  • Makaronah

In Makaronah, there is Souq Sharq. It is known for abayas and fancy/bridal fabric shops. I LOVE this place! I buy my fabrics from there ever since I have come to know about it 2 years ago. There are two shops I buy from frequently. They are on the either side of Gate 7. 

They have a large selection of fabrics, colors and prints, ranging from SAR. 10 to SAR. 1000+. Baby and kids' fabrics, women's, gents fabrics in cotton, velvet, chiffon, embroidered, polyester, leather, suede, lace, denim and knit/stretchy fabric too.

Most other shops in Makaronah sell fancy and bridal fabrics.

Click here for Website

Click here for Location

  • Mualifeen Street

Mualifeen Street in Rehab, has a lots of Indian and Pakistani fabric Shops. They sell stitched and unstitched suits too. Few shops have gents fabrics as well. You can find Lawn, Cotton, Georgette, Chiffon and fancy fabrics from there easily.

Click here for Location

  • Safa
There are two shops in front of Souq Marjan. I have been to only one but it is amazing! They have a wide range of fabrics and everything sewing related. The upper floor has evening wear fabrics. The ground floor has abaya, gents, cotton, velvet, leather, chanel fabrics. 

3. Places to buy Sewing Supplies and Materials in Jeddah

where to buy sewing supplies in jeddah - rabeea made it

  • Eshraqat al fan

It is basically a stationary shop, but they do sell sewing materials like few fabrics, buttons and tools.

Click here for Instagram Link

Click here for Location

  • Hindawiyah

A dreamland for Knitters, crocheters, sewists and crafters! Hindawiyah is a wholesale market. Here you can find each and everything in bulk and retail like sewing tools, notions, trims, threads, zippers stabilizers/interlining, buttons and what not. You name it, they have it! Few stores have Instagram handles too, so you can buy from them online ;) 

I only go to Hindawiyah when my list of sewing supplies shopping is loooong. As it is a wholesale market, the prices are relatively lower than other places in Jeddah.

Now that area only offers Charged Parking, so you can find spot easily. Unlike few years ago when we would go there after months waiting, all excited, then make rounds of market to get a parking spot, failing, then coming back home all furious and crying! Yep, those were the times! 

Click here for Yarn Store Instagram Link

Click here for Location

  • Makronah Market

If you are looking for more options, EXO shop in Makronah will definitely please you. They have almost everything in every color and type. Long zippers, embroidery threads, buttons, elastics and what not! Do not forget to go to their upper floor section and bedazzle!!! 

sewing material shop jeddah exo rabeea made it

sewing material shop jeddah exo rabeea made it

threads shop jeddah rabeea  made it
You are welcome!

You can find small shops in Makronah too which sell sewing materials.

Click here for Location

  • Sahafa Street, Rehab

My go-to shop to buy threads, zippers, button, laces, trims and ribbons is a small yet jam-packet shop on Sahafa Street, named Al Aadaa for Tailoring Materials. They even sell knit and crochet stuff. You can find few fabrics like lining, felt and net/tulle too. 

Click here for Location

sewing material shop alaada jeddah rabeea made it

sewing material shop alaada jeddah rabeea made it

sewing material shop alaada jeddah rabeea made it

sewing material shop alaada jeddah rabeea made it

    • Safa
    Al-sager Mall in front of Souq Marjan is a fabric shop.But they have everything under one roof. The ground floor has fabrics as well as sewing materials like trims, zipper, buttons, threads and even some jewelry. This place is for those who don't like to shop around in different places and can easily find everything sewing related there.

  • Other Places in Jeddah that Sell Tailoring Materials

There are some big stores with dedicated Sewing Material space, even though small. You can find basic sewing materials from there. Such as:

Looking to Buy Sewing Materials and Fabrics in Jeddah?

sewing machine, tailoring materials and fabric shops in jeddah rabeea made it

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This post contains the list of all Sewing Machine Shops, Tailoring Material Shops and Fabric Shops in Jeddah. I have been to almost all of them. I wanted to help anyone who is new in Jeddah or new to Sewing and also for those who are looking for new places to shop. I hope you find this useful. If you know about any place other than these, do let me know in comments. I would love to go there :)



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    1. If you are looking for craft supplies, please visit JeddahMom website. She has written great blogposts on this topic.


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